Parker Wildlife Control


Yes there is someone who does this kind of work around here!

Louisiana Yellow Jacket removal experts, removing yellowjackets in Kenner, Metairie, Slidell, Hammon, Covington, Mandeville and New Orleans!
We are removing yellowjackets in Louisiana from houses and businesses more than ever this year, and as usual we are dealing with the species called the Vespula squamosa  (yellowjackets)!
If you have yellowjackets and you need someone to come out and remove them from the attic or to remove yellowjackets from a wall in your house why not give us a call! Parker Wildlife Control is a New Orleans based company that has created a special branch of the company soley for the purpose of removing yellowjackets, removing the nest and cleaning up the mess they can leave behind!
The nest should be removed whenever possible, often you will find a basketball sized hole has been dug out of the ground.
We can even try to find the nest for you, as in the case of large parks or campgrounds that have excessive numbers of yellow jackets but you cannot locate a nest - we can find them and exterminate them for good!

yellowjacket removal, yellow jacket in eaves and attic

For a complete Site Visit and Evaluation please call 504-338-7517
These yellow jackets sting in groups large enough to kill a human being and are nothing to fool with, unless you enjoy seeingthe emergency room!